Obama Inspires Men Everywhere With Tweet Trump Can’t Stand


The Obamas have a wonderful relationship. You can see when watching them just how much that they not only love each other, but enjoy each others’ company. They are so comfortable in their combined skins and so sincere in their affections that you just know they will be together forever.

The Trumps, on the other hand, are a hot mess express. Melania is clearly just waiting out Trump’s remaining years so that she can inherit his alleged riches. One thing is for sure though. It’s clearly not worth it.

Donald and Melania have been caught so many times silently quarreling in public. Melania has ripped her hand away from her husband’s on multiple occasions just since he’s been elected president, and the first lady has a permanent scowl on her face that speaks volumes of her unhappiness.

So, it goes without saying that this picture Obama just posted on his social media will get under the current president’s skin, and get Melania salivating for a love she will never have.

These images have been reverberating around the interwebs for a few hours now, and the consensus is clear. Michelle and Barack are relationship goals for sure. Aside from a few Trump-supporting racists calling Michelle an ape, people were very happy to get a reminder of simpler times in America.

Check out what people had to say in the comment thread of Obama’s tweet: