Acosta Publicly Embarrasses Hannity & Goes Viral Fast


America has slipped into the 2020 presidential election, barely noticing it. The historical impeachment trial of Donald Trump is set to begin on Tuesday, and the Democrats have lined up a number of well-qualified candidates for the Iowa Democratic caucuses ‘

Fox News talking head Sean Hannity has been trying to do some serious damage to CNN’s top reporter:

@realdonaldtrump RIPS Fake News’ lil’ Jimmy Acosta’

However, Acosta was not a man to mess with. He came back with some armor-piercing language, a skill honed by most journalists these days:

‘Sometimes it gets a little tense when you ask him something he doesn’t want to answer. You should try it sometime when you’re not shining his shoes.’

According to The Greg Jarrett site, Trump body-slammed the CNN reporter to the ground. Unfortunately, any straight reporter gets manhandled into submission or he and she get chased down and slotted as “Fake News!”

Donald Trump claimed he “never had a conversation that I remember.”

‘I don’t know him. I have never had a conversation that I remember with him.’

Trump gave away his dislike of the reporters he would have gladly treated as Russia does. Moscow tends to toss them into jail at best or have them magically disappear at worse. Then, they either turn up or never do.

Twitter world went wild over this tweet. Take a look at how they responded to Acosta refusing to “shining his [Trump’s] shoes.”

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