Obama Tweets MLK Day Message Like A True President


Barack Obama may no longer reside in the White House, but he’s still important for many Americans. This Monday, he posted a public statement to Twitter calling on observers to examine the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on the occasion of the holiday honoring the late civil rights leader. He included a link to a famous letter that King wrote while in prison outlining his reasons for continuing in the struggle for civil rights. Could anyone really imagine the current president making any similar public statement, or at least appearing to mean it? What’s Trump ever stood up for that doesn’t have his name on it?

Obama posted:

‘Every so often, I re-read Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. While some of the injustices may have changed, his poetic brilliance, moral clarity, and tests of conscience still reverberate today. Take a moment to reflect on his righteous call’

Obama didn’t have to mention Trump by name for the message to feel like a poignant condemnation of him. Moral clarity? Would Trump even know what that phrase means? This is a guy who, as president of the United States, spends hours and hours on end over and over concocting insults to sling at his opponents on Twitter. His other hobbies include standing in front of crowds of his screaming fans and delivering sometimes hours-long angry rants full of whatever pops into his head at a given moment.

It’s even more laughably ridiculous to wonder if “poetic brilliance” is a phrase that could ever be applied to anything that has to do with Trump. Ah yes, the poetic brilliance of all-caps tweets with denials of the crimes that he’s on record committing — how lovely! (Not.)

As of about 11 A.M. on Monday morning, the only posts Trump had made on Twitter were belligerent tirades including petty mockery of his opponents — no mention of MLK. But did anyone really expect anything different?

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