Pelosi Tweets Inspirational Message To America Like A Real Leader


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) arguably the most powerful woman in America and second in line to the presidency, came out to honor Martin Luther King Day. Donald Trump’s tweet was noticeably missing in action. Pelosi was born into a strong political family. Her mother organized, and her father and brother held offices. Pelosi was cast into the political fires and forged into the ironwoman she is today the youngest of seven siblings, all boys except for her.

The House Speaker honored Martin Luther King Day by offering him up as a role model for “service and activism.” Then, she recognized that MLK considered not to just tomorrow but a “lasting legacy:”

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s lasting legacy of service and activism continues to inspire generations to fight for a brighter, more just future for all Americans. We must ensure the lessons he taught & the story of his life live on for generations to come. #MLKDay

The Speaker pointed at how MLK “continued to inspire generations” with his life a roadmap for others to follow. Pelosi noted that people can use MLK’s life as a map to “fight for a brighter, more just future.”

The 79-year-old grandmother has had no time for babying Donald Trump. She has treated him like the spoiled brat he has been throughout his life. She is the one woman that Trump could not bully or seduce into submission.

Twitter world caught fire over celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Take a look at what these tweeters thought of it.

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