Pompeo Tweets About MLK Day & Instantly Regrets It


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is still trying to depict himself as some kind of credible voice within the Trump administration, but his campaign to legitimize the belligerence from him and his colleagues is not working. No matter how many tweets he posts, his destructive foreign policy and complicity in schemes like Trump’s attempt to bribe Ukraine remain. This Monday, he posted a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of the holiday honoring the late civil rights leader, but the “justice” that King spoke of simply does not square up with the schemes of the Trump team, including Pompeo.

He posted:

‘Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” We reflect on his legacy as we pursue justice for those who are denied fundamental freedoms, and as we seek true and lasting peace for all.’

Is pursuing justice why the Trump administration has separated many immigrant families just to prove a point? That wasn’t Pompeo’s department, but it’s the administration that he’s a part of. Is justice why, when confronted with the president’s threats to order airstrikes against civilian cultural sites in Iran, Pompeo refused to launch any kind of actually straightforward denunciation of those threatened war crimes? He largely just insisted that everything the Trump team did would be lawful. He refused to explicitly say the president was wrong for threatening to commit war crimes.

The examples could go on. Pompeo resorting to a quote from the late civil rights leader seems like nothing but a politically expedient boost, considering the Trump official’s actual record.

Check out Twitter’s response below…