Taxpayer Money Funnel To Trump Businesses Announced By ‘Politico’


According to records, the president has been away from the office one of every three days. Imagine what that would be like if a teacher, a farmer, a plant worker, a nurse, or even a CEO tried that. That is how Donald Trump works hard for his voters, and they just might not like it it.

Yet this president not only skipped out on one-third of the time he was supposed to be in the Oval Office. He spent those days at one of his luxury hotels/resorts or golf resorts and funneling taxpayer money into them from the Secret Service and others, The POLITICO reported.

Early on, the president decided to hand off that management to his two sons, Don, Jr and  Eric. But people should have known he could not resist checking in on them. The problem was that his actions were illegal. The president may very well have violated a number of laws, policies, and ethics.

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The president has managed to rip accountability up, showing a blatant abuse of power, and nearly ruined the integrity of the office of commander-in-chief. He did this all in just the name of acquiring more power and more money.

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According to POLITICO, POTUS merged Trump Inc. with his presidency. These two entities blended in:

‘A Chinese state-owned company deal with amultimillion contract to help develop a Trump golf course in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, amid a U.S.-China trade war. T-Mobile executives stayed at Trump’s Washington hotel while seeking a green light from the federal government for a merger. The IRS commissioner, who refused to release Trump’s tax returns to Congress, collects rent from a pair of Trump condos in Hawaii.’

Lately, even those who know the president the best and will still defend him, admitted that he had left his real estate open to vulnerable attack by Iran just to assassinate its top military officer.

House member of the Democratic leadership and the Judiciary Committee Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) commented:

‘The level of this is shocking and deeply disturbing. This president has a habit of doing things out in the open, which are completely improper or even illegal and somehow … the average person thinks, ‘Well, if he’s doing it out in the open it must be OK; I must not completely understand the rules.” But it’s not.”

House Oversight and Reform Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) said:

“President Trump is openly enriching himself by encouraging government entities to spend money at his businesses, and foreign entities appear to frequent his business to curry favor with this administration. President Trump must be held accountable for his blatant disregard for the Constitution.’

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Ironically, an attorney for the Trump Organization Sheri Dillon commented in January 2017:

‘[Trump] wants there to be no doubt in the minds of the American public that he is completely isolating himself from his business interests.’

Chairwoman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee holding jurisdiction over the hotel Representatives Dina Titus (D-NV) has demanded documents about the hotel’s upcoming sale. She believed that the transaction was questionable and involved a foreign buyer.

‘I think this is one of those problems of his own making,” He said he was going to divest, and then he didn’t divest, and then he put it in his children’s name and he’s kept on doing business.’

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