Trump Tweets At Black Voters On MLK Day Like A Lunatic


This Monday, President Donald Trump’s egomania reached the point of him seeming to compare himself to Martin Luther King Jr. How fitting for that to occur the day before opening arguments begin in his impeachment trial! That trial, of course, will cover his scheme to bribe Ukraine into investigating the Bidens, which he thought he could use his office to get away with. This Monday on Twitter, he used the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr. Day to tout the supposed accomplishments of his administration for black Americans, although in reality, the officially low unemployment rates and other points he mentioned don’t necessarily have much to do with him at all.

He tweeted:

‘It was exactly three years ago today, January 20, 2017, that I was sworn into office. So appropriate that today is also MLK jr DAY. African-American Unemployment is the LOWEST in the history of our Country, by far. Also, best Poverty, Youth, and Employment numbers, ever. Great!’

In reality, the accomplishments of the late civil rights leader have nothing to do with the supposed accomplishments of the Trump administration for black Americans. King demonstrated in favor of protecting marginalized communities and pressured authorities into loosening restrictions on the rights of marginalized communities. Meanwhile, Trump has spent all of his time in office targeting groups like immigrants with punitive separations of asylum-seeking families.

He has simply stood off to the side while those other positive developments like improving employment numbers have continued from the time that Barack Obama was in office.

Check out Twitter’s response…