Trump’s MLK Day Tweet Embarrasses Republican Party


The National Rifle Association (NRA) was powerful when Donald Trump was elected to office in 2016. It handed him $30 million but refused to divulge the source of this dramatically ballooned contribution, up significantly from the previous presidential elections. Yet, today the NRA has been infested with a big tapeworm of corruption and dwindled to a mere shadow of its former self. Still, Trump managed to disregard all of that.

The president had among his base gun-rights advocates, so he tried to stir the NRA’s cooling action into something hotter. He tweeted that his great enemy, the Democrats, were “working hard to” take “your 2nd Amendment rights,” and it will get worse:

‘The Democrat Party in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia are (sic) working hard to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. This is just the beginning. Don’t let it happen, VOTE REPUBLICAN in 2020!’

Then, the president easily confused the issue surrounding witnesses:

‘They didn’t want John Bolton and others in the House. They were in too much of a rush. Now they want them all in the Senate. Not supposed to be that way!’

Trump flew back at the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), flinging a surprisingly childish taunt at “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer” as he passed:

‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is now asking for “fairness”, when he and the Democrat House members worked together to make sure I got ZERO fairness in the House. So, what else is new?’

Next, the president did not have the time to bother spelling out “Second Amendment or even 2nd Amendment:”

‘2A Protesters in Virginia singing the [“]Star Spangled Banner[“].’

Finally after all of those tweets, POTUS remembered it was Martin Luther King Day. Yet, instead of writing a thoughtful couple of sentences, he just retweeted the White House message. It would have taken so little time. This could not be taken any other way but from a  grudging, racist man:

‘”Today, we pause to honor the incredible life and accomplishments of Dr. King, who helped shape the Civil Rights Movement, gave hope to millions experiencing discrimination, and whose enduring memory inspires us to pursue a more just and equal society.” — President Trump’

Twitter world lit up with emotion. Check out some of our favorite responses below:

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