McConnell Accused Of Rigging Trial By House Managers


Mitch McConnell has his hands in most of the dirty deeds taking place in American politics, and he has been running the show for quite some time. McConnell’s bias first made waves during the Obama Administration. McConnell was obsessively set on blocking Obama at every single turn, even when the move was bipartisan and common sense.

Now, McConnell is at it again, but this time he’s trying to protect the new Republican president from prosecution for attempting to export Ukraine. As the first day of the impeachment trial is finally upon us, appointed House managers are accusing McConnell of illegally rigging the trial in Trump’s favor.

The team has rebuked a resolution revealed by McConnell Monday night that would place time constraints on Democrats for making their case. According to the resolution, Democrats should have only 24 hours over the course of 2 days to make their arguments against the president.

The managers had this to say about the resolution:

“A White House-driven and rigged process, with a truncated schedule designed to go late into the night and further conceal the President’s misconduct, is not what the American people expect or deserve.”

The statement continues:

“His resolution deviates sharply from the Clinton precedent — and common sense — in an effort to prevent the full truth of the President’s misconduct from coming to light,” they write. “In the Clinton case, the President provided all of the documents — more than 90,000 pages of them — before the trial took place. McConnell’s resolution rejects that basic necessity.”

Democrats say that these stipulations will leave people talking on the House floor speaking until dawn because the official start time is already 1pm. Clinton’s team also had 24 hours to defend him, but they were given three days to complete the 24 hours.

According to Reuters:

“In a separate letter on Tuesday, the seven House Democratic “managers” prosecuting the case demanded that Cipollone disclose any first-hand knowledge he has of evidence he will present in the Senate’s impeachment trial, calling him a material witness.”

Cipollone is one of the president’s lawyers.

People responding to the Rachel Maddow video were fed up with Mitch McConnell and his vapid attempts at covering the president’s trail of criminality. We saved the top responses to the tweet for you below via screenshot: