Pelosi Blows Up McConnell’s ‘Dark Of Night Impeachment Trial’


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) actions have been suspect ever since he accepted a gift from the Russian oligarch next to President Vladimir Putin. It was an aluminum processing plant in the rural part of his state and some jobs that came with it. Maybe, he deserves his pet name “Moscow Mitch” after all, because how he dramatically tries to throw the impeachment trial to Donald Trump. He did not count of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the most powerful woman in America.

She released a statement about McConnell’s absurd resolution for trial rules. He has scheduled the Senate impeachment hearing’s 24 hours from 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. days in a row for both sides. He also wanted to keep all the evidence and all of the witnesses out of the trial. At that point, could the Republicans actually even call it a trial?

Screen-Shot-2020-01-21-at-9.32.39-AM Pelosi Blows Up McConnell's 'Dark Of Night Impeachment Trial' Election 2020 Featured Impeachment Top Stories Women's Rights

McConnell planned to fight a war on two fronts. The first was attrition or wearing down the senators and the people down. The other front was hiding the ball. That way, the senator keeps out all existing evidence, all new evidence, even all evidence in the public record. The most powerful women in America responded in a written statement:

‘Leader McConnell’s plan for a dark of night impeachment trial confirms what the American people have seen since Day One: the Senate GOP Leader has chosen a cover-up for the President, rather than honor his oath to the Constitution.  Shamefully, this sham proposal does not even allow for admitting the House record into evidence at the trial.’

Then, Pelosi called McConnell on the carpet when he tried to “hide the truth:”

‘Leader McConnell’s process is deliberately designed to hide the truth from the Senate and from the American people, because he knows that the President’s wrongdoing is indefensible and demands removal.’

Screen-Shot-2020-01-21-at-9.32.56-AM Pelosi Blows Up McConnell's 'Dark Of Night Impeachment Trial' Election 2020 Featured Impeachment Top Stories Women's Rights

Screen-Shot-2020-01-21-at-9.33.06-AM Pelosi Blows Up McConnell's 'Dark Of Night Impeachment Trial' Election 2020 Featured Impeachment Top Stories Women's Rights

She continued, writing about the “absurdly compressed schedule:”

‘No jury would be asked to operate on McConnell’s absurdly compressed schedule, and it is obvious that no Senator who votes for it is intending to truly weigh the damning evidence of the President’s attacks on our Constitution.’

Then, the Speaker wrote “the Clinton [trial] comparison was a lie:”

‘The public now knows why Leader McConnell has been hiding his resolution: the Clinton comparison was a lie.  Clearly and sadly, Leader McConnell has misled the American people.  For weeks, he has insisted that he will adhere to the rules used during the Clinton impeachment trial and that ‘fair is fair’ – but his proposal rejects the need for witnesses and documents during the trial itself.  In contrast, for the Clinton trial, witnesses were deposed and the President provided more than 90,000 documents.’

Speaker Pelosi ended with Trump “undermined our national security.” “Duty, honor, and country are at stake:”

‘President Trump undermined our national security, jeopardized the integrity of our elections and violated the Constitution all for his own personal, political gain.  He has repeatedly said that he would do so again.  Duty, honor and country are at stake.  Every Senator who supports this sham process must be held accountable to the American people.’

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