Pro-Bernie Hashtag Trends After Hillary’s Desperate Attack


Although the stakes for the 2020 general election are monumentally high and support for the eventual Democratic presidential nominee is crucial to getting Trump out of office, Hillary Clinton was revealed this week to harbor such animosity towards Bernie Sanders that she wouldn’t even commit to supporting him if he won the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. During the same remarks, she claimed that “nobody likes” Sanders and “nobody wants to work with him.” In response to Clinton’s broadside, the hashtag “#ILikeBernie” promptly trended on Twitter as people posted their support for the Senator and candidate — who is, according to polls like a recent Morning Consult survey, quite literally the most popular Senator in the United States, no matter what Hillary says.

And he has a good chance of winning the Democratic presidential nomination. Votes will soon be tallied in Iowa as a kickoff for the state primary season’s home stretch, and he’s on average in a very close second place in polls. And nationally, he’s also in second place, although at that level former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead grows to eight percent.

But Sanders has incredibly large grassroots support from working people around the U.S. The professions donating to him the most include teachers, construction workers, and similar hands-on workers, and the relevance of his resounding 2016 victory in working class areas shouldn’t be missed either.

One author — Peter Daou — wrote:

‘#ILikeBernie BECAUSE THE DEM ESTABLISHMENT HAS FAILED TO STOP THE FAR RIGHT. We’ve tried incrementalism, centrism, neoliberalism, & “bipartisanship.” And we have kids in cages, white supremacists in the White House, and people crowdfunding healthcare.’

Another Twitter user added, pointing out his record:

‘Bernie has the temperament to be President of the United States. He doesn’t get angry when his “friends” backstab him. He ignores the hate towards him because he knows it’s not about him. So…what makes Bernie angry? When they pick on us! #ILikeBernie’

As for Sanders himself, he’s taken the mockery from Clinton in stride. To one reporter, he joked that at least his wife likes him. In a more formal statement, he insisted that his “focus today is on a monumental moment in American history: the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Together, we are going to go forward and defeat the most dangerous president in American history.”

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