Schiff Opening Impeachment Trial Statement To Go Down In History


Today marks day one of the impeachment trial against Donald J. Trump, and Republicans are hard at work doing their best to downplay or mock the facts of the case already. Adam Schiff’s opening statements has the internet abuzz with people excited and floored to be living in such a historically pivotal time for America.

Twitter is exploding with comments after Schiff said this in his opening statement:

“It is the president’s apparent belief that, under Article 2, he can do anything he wants, no matter how corrupt. And yet, when the Founders wrote this clause, they had this type of conduct in mind, conduct that abuses the power of office for his personal benefit, that undermines our national security, that invites foreign interference in our democratic process of an election. It is the trifecta of constitutional misconduct justifying our impeachment.”

He continued:

“The harm is this: You will not have any of the evidence the president continues to conceal throughout most or all of the trial.”

Check out the video below:

Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow then gave the defense’s opening statement, during which many people saw nothing more than amateur hour. A bunch of ignoramuses sitting at the big boy table, trying their best to play with the heavy-hitters.

Sekulow said this:

Many people are even questioning how someone who was just found to be involved in the Ukraine scandal, for which the president was impeached, could be allowed to deliver the opening statements for the defense in said impeachment trial:

The internet’s reaction is of course mixed, but the majority of people on Twitter seem to be saying the same thing. Schiff hit this one out of the park. Check out the top comments from Twitter below: