Acosta Follows Trump In Switzerland & Publicly Trolls Him Hard


“I’m honest. I make great deals.” Really? And really? How can Donald Trump say that with a straight face any longer? CNN’s Jim Acosta has had a rocky relationship with this president, because the journalist likes to dig past the gristle and down to the meat of the situation. He followed Trump in Davos, Switzerland and found plenty of meat.

Acosta immediately caught POTUS in a whopper. Asked if he wanted witnesses, he said he was leaving the decision to the senators at his impeachment hearing:

‘Trump asked whether he wants impeachment trial witnesses at news conference: “I leave that to the Senate.” (Actually his team and GOP senators are fighting against including witnesses)’

The commander-in-chief did not grouse about climate change. No, he was still angry that 16-year-old environmentalist Greta Thunberg beat him to a cover of Time magazine. He likes to see himself on these covers so much that he dummied up a fake cover with his face. Then, he had it framed and hung them in his gift shops at his golf resorts. Time made him take them down:

‘Trump on Greta Thunberg’s warnings on climate change: “She beat me out on Time Magazine.”’

What about the abuse of power? POTUS said, “it depends.” Then, he veered off onto his “great deals:”

‘Trump asked whether abuse of power is an impeachable offense: “Well it depends… I’m honest. I make great deals.”’

POTUS would “love to have Mick (Mulvaney) go,” but then he offered a mind-twisted snap to: Mulvaney’s testimony would be a “national security” problem:

‘Now Trump says he would prefer to have Bolton, Pompeo, Perry and Mulvaney testify. “I’d love to have Mick go… I’d love to have Mike Pompeo testify…” Then Trump says such testimony would pose national security issues. Trump trying to have it both ways.’

How about adding former mayor of New York City and current presidential fixer Rudy Giuliani to his trial team? Trump called that “a conflict.” This in spite of the attorney being really eager to play with the Senate impeachment defense team:

‘Trump on Giuliani being on his impeachment trial team: “It could be that he’d have a conflict.”’

Then, Trump said he wanted to appear at the trial. It was “so tempting to him:”

‘Trump at news conference said he would love to appear at Senate trial and asked reporter to stop mentioning the prospect because it sounded so tempting to him.’

After that, Acosta retweeted a post that said Trump called brain injuries in soldiers near the al-Asad strikes not “serious:”

Media: Jim @Acosta at @wef #Davos: @realDonaldTrump, asked in a pre-departure presser about brain injuries from the al-Asad strikes, refers to “headaches” and says he doesn’t it consider serious. Acosta: “A pretty stunning comment … the @WhiteHouse will be trying to clean up.”‘

Twitter world lit up as they followed Acosta’s tweets. Check out some of their responses below:

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