Trump Spazzes Into All Caps Twitter Freakout During Impeachment Trial


On Wednesday, opening arguments in President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial got underway for the second day, this time following the Republican majority in the Senate’s approval of rules for the rest of the trial. Although he was in the middle of returning to the United States from his brief trip overseas for the World Economic Forum, Trump was apparently paying close attention to the proceedings. He abruptly lashed out in the middle of the afternoon (in U.S. eastern time) with an all caps message proclaiming his supposed innocence of the allegations against him of abuse of power, which are founded on his scheme to bribe Ukraine into investigating his opponents.

He tweeted simply:


That’s in reference to the clearly supported allegation that he tried to pressure Ukraine into investigating his domestic political opponents. The timeline of the facts of this bribery and pressure scandal was the focus of House impeachment case managers as Wednesday’s second day of arguments began.

Ironically, thanks to the lack of context that he included in the tweet, the sentiment could also be applied to Trump’s bizarrely longstanding feud with energy efficient appliances. At a rally and at the White House, he has ranted about the supposed lack of appropriate pressure in dishwashers and toilets. In the latter case, he claims that toilets now have to be flushed 10 or 15 times because of supposedly oh-so-lousy efficiency improvements in newer models.

Yes — as many face very tangible threats, dishwashers and toilets are a top adversary of the sitting president of the United States.

Check out Twitter’s response to the president’s meltdown below –