Trump Tweets Impeachment Induced Gibberish During AM Meltdown


The most supreme justice on the Supreme Court John Roberts knocked down the attorneys at the Donald Trump impeachment for acting more like circus hawkers than for the solemn occasion it is. The president is in Davos, Switzerland at the Davos Summit. He has been hobnobbing with all the rich and famous but managing to convey his wishes — ones that clash harshly with Roberts’ ideals.

Trump commented that his attorneys’ performance was just “okay.” So, the two primary attorneys began pounding on the table, as their boss likes it. This should be interesting. POTUS tweeted:

‘Big story. Hope Fake News covers it!’

Trump was referring to this post with “a shocking turn of events:”

‘This is a shocking turn of events…’

They were referring to one piece of evidence House Intelligence Committee Chair and lead manager at the trial Adam Schiff (D-CA) “may have mischaracterized:”

Adam Schiff may have mischaracterized a piece of the Lev Parnas evidence from last week, according to unredacted documents obtained by @politico… The story >>’

Then, Trump’s son Don Junior jumped into the fray:

Strange that all the hysterical media outlets have not yet issued @realDonaldTrump an apology. I won’t hold my breath.’

POTUS started going after his enemies:

‘Steyer is a major loser. Just doesn’t get it. This is second time with Bernie!’

The president was all over the map:

‘They are taking the nomination away from Bernie for a second time. Rigged!’

After that, Trump pointed to Schiff demanding witnesses:

‘Their case was so “overwhelming” in the House that they need & demand Witnesses in the Senate!’


Schiff’s possible mistake was “a shocking turn of events,” according to POLITICO:

‘House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff appears to have mischaracterized a text message exchange between two players in the Ukraine saga, according to documents obtained by POLITICO — a possible error the GOP will likely criticize asanother example of the Democrats’ rushed effort to impeach President Donald Trump.’

It got worse:

‘Parnas sent Giuliani a word document that appears to show notes from an interview with Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma, followed by a text message to Giuliani that states: “mr Z answers my brother.” That suggests Parnas was referring to Zlochevsky not Zelensky.’

Twitter world went crazy over Trump’s morning tweets. Check out some of our favorites below:

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