Schiff Goes Hard On McConnell During On-Camera Interview


Mitch McConnell doesn’t like to play fair, hell, playing fair isn’t even in his vocabulary and it never has been. Since the Obama days, McConnell has used political loopholes and legal gaps to thrust his own personal agenda on the entire nation, and now he’s doing the same thing to keep Trump president.

Democrats are fighting tooth and nail against the blatant corruption of the Republican Party, and are doing things fairly, despite their own ability to get down to McConnell and Trump’s level. Speaker Pelosi could have held on the the articles of impeachment until Democrats had a chance to gain a little control in the senate, but instead, she released them so that the American people weren’t footing the bill for an even longer legal process.

Adam Schiff has been beside Pelosi throughout it all, and Tuesday morning, on the first day of the impeachment trial, Schiff went on national television to condemn McConnell’s attempts to obstruct justice on Trump’s behalf.

Schiff said this Tuesday:

β€œWe could see why this resolution was kept from us and from the American people. This is nothing like the process that was used in the Clinton trial. It does not prescribe a process for a fair trial. And the American people desperately want to believe that the Senate will give both the president and the House of Representatives a fair trial.”

Trump’s head is going to explode, but it’s not a party until someone makes a mess. Schiff continued:

β€œIt leaves that question of whether the House will ever see these documents, whether the American people will ever see these documents to the end and only the end, with no guarantee that this material will ever be shown to the House or to the American people. On the subject of witnesses, it is also a deep depar occur from Clinton, where all of the witnesses testified before the Senate trial. The issue in the Clinton trial was not whether they would testify, they had testified already. They had been interviewed already, some dozens of times. The question in the Clinton trial was, will they be recalled? Will they be required to testify again? And that question was answered in the affirmative.”

Check out the video below via YouTube: