Trump Panics Online As House Managers Deliver Opening Statements


The impeachment trial for President Donald J. Trump is still underway, and Thursday, the House managers have begun their opening statements. Trump himself is busy doing his best “out of sight, out of mind” routine on Twitter, pretending he knows nothing of the goings on happening now in D.C., but thankfully, Twitter users remind him every second that he’s going to suffer greatly from this presidency.

In reality, Trump has to be sitting back watching the proceedings and thinking, I never should have run for public office, let alone the most scrutinized office in the land. Actually, Trump would never have a rational thought, so that’s just what I’d be thinking, I guess.

Check out what might have Trump a little nervous tonight:

And then there’s this one:

And this one definitely stings a bit:

And the latest is this one from Lori Lofgren:

People on Twitter are going crazy over today’s proceedings, and we saved the best Twitter comments for you below: