WH Official Vows ‘Revenge’ As Impeachment Trial Heats Up


This week, the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump kicked off, and one of Trump’s administration officials is already vowing “revenge” against those who’ve dared to challenge his boss. White House legislative affairs director Eric Ueland touted his desire for “revenge” — whatever that means, exactly — to a group of reporters this Thursday, according to Business Insider’s Daniel Flatley, who reported the remark on Twitter. The remark came after a couple of days and counting of House impeachment case managers publicly outlining their case against Trump in the Senate.

Flatley shared:

‘White House liaison Eric Ueland just walked by a pen of reporters and said “I can’t wait for the revenge.”’

Ueland has actually figured in a vindictive sideshow of the impeachment trial saga already. The very vocal Trump ally and Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz reported that based on something someone in the White House told him, he believed Ueland advocated against his inclusion on the president’s defense teams for the trial in retaliation for his vote in favor of a recent, mostly Democrat-supported House resolution demanding that Trump’s war powers be restrained.

Gaetz commented:

‘I don’t know why it would serve someone in the White House to manufacture a divide between the president and one of his best communicators during impeachment… I thought ‘legislative affairs’ folks were supposed to help the president add friends — not extend silly fights with the president’s best friends.’

The actual team of Republican House members who’ve been appointed as part of the president’s team include prominent figures like Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia, who’s the top Republican on his chamber’s Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who was temporarily added to the Intelligence Committee during impeachment hearings, the Oversight Committee’s Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, and Trump’s failed pick for Director of National Intelligence Rep. John Ratcliffe of Texas, among others. POLITICO reports that their advisory roles are expected to include “TV appearances and news conferences.”

Ironically, Meadows himself — who’s not running for re-election — had publicly advocated for Gaetz to be included on the president’s team, but to no avail. During an appearance on Steve Bannon’s podcast, Meadows commented that he thought that Gaetz “had one of the greatest performances in the Judiciary, and I say performances because he brought the truth.”

Oh well. Check out Twitter’s response to Ueland’s latest vindictive scheming below: