Pompeo Flies Off The Handle During Ukraine Interview


It looks as though Mr. Trump isn’t the only one losing his mind about the Ukraine. While Democrats continued their opening arguments on the fourth day of the impeachment trial, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took part in an interview with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly.

Before the interview took place, Kelly had cleared it with the State Department that she and Pompeo would discuss Ukraine and Iran as part of their interview. However, when it came time to do so Pompeo became angry and lost his temper.

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Kelly asked:

‘Change of subject. Ukraine. Do you owe Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch an apology?’

Then, Pompeo started to become unhinged, saying:

‘You know, I agreed to come on your show today to talk about Iran. That’s what I intend to do. I know what our Ukraine policy has been now for the three years of this administration. I’m proud of the work we’ve done. This administration delivered the capability for the Ukrainians to defend themselves. President Obama showed up with MREs (meals ready to eat.) We showed up with Javelin missiles. The previous administration did nothing to take down corruption in Ukraine. We’re working hard on that. We’re going to continue to do it.’

Kelly pressed him, saying:

‘I confirmed with your staff [crosstalk] last night that I would talk about Iran and Ukraine.’

Pompeo answered:

‘I just don’t have anything else to say about that this morning.’

However, Kelly continued to press further, saying:

‘I just want to give you another opportunity to answer this, because as you know, people who work for you in your department, people who have resigned from this department under your leadership, saying you should stand up for the diplomats who work here. [crosstalk]’

Pompeo said:

‘I don’t know who these unnamed sources are you’re referring to. I can tell you this, when I talked to my team here –‘

Kelly interjected:

‘These are not unnamed sources. [crosstalk] This is your senior adviser Michael McKinley, a career foreign service officer with four decades experience, who testified under oath that he resigned in part due to the failure of the State Department to offer support to Foreign Service employees caught up in the impeachment inquiry on Ukraine.’

Pompeo answered:

‘I’m not going to comment on things that Mr. McKinley may have said. I’ll say only this. I have defended every State Department official. We’ve built a great team. The team that works here is doing amazing work around the world.’

Kelly then asks:

‘Sir, respectfully [crosstalk] where have you defended Marie Yovanovitch?’

Pompeo said:

‘I’ve defended every single person on this team. I’ve done what’s right for every single person on this team. [crosstalk]’

Kelly wasn’t satisfied and attempted to get him to respond again.

‘Can you point me toward your remarks where you have defended Marie Yovanovitch?’

At this point, Pompeo attempted to shut her down, saying:

‘I’ve said all I’m going to say today. Thank you. Thanks for the repeated opportunity to do so. I appreciate that.’

Kelly didn’t let it go though and she and Pompeo continued to banter back and forth about Yovanovitch and Ukraine. The secretary of state only continued to defend his position.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube