Lev Parnas’ Attorney Drops Info Bomb That Sets The GOP Off


Ever since the audio leaked of President Trump demanding former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch be yanked from her longtime position, the president and his merry band of idiots has been working overtime to distract and persuade the American public. Now, Lev Parnas’ attorney has released the entire audio recording of the meeting in which Trump sounded like a total mob boss.

Check it out below:

According to The Daily Beast:

Lev Parnas’s lawyer has released audio that he says captures a April 2018 fundraising dinner that Parnas attended with President Donald Trump and others. The audio indicates that at the dinner, Parnas—recently indicted for campaign finance violations—criticized America’s then-ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. Trump then called for her to be fired, the audio indicates.

People on Twitter are going nuts over this news. We captured some of the best reactions for you below: