Veteran Reporter Tears Trump To Shreds On Twitter


Jim Acosta is known for ripping into the president on a regular basis, and using his Twitter page as a headquarters for such hilarity. He calls out the president for blunders each and every time, and his faithful followers count on his epic trolls to get through this very dark time in America.

The Trump Administration walked right into Acosta’s web when they released the new design for the Space Force Logo. It may look ridiculously familiar. Check out what Acosta tweeted about it:

I mean…really?? How exactly did they think they would get away with that one, and why on earth can’t these people come up with an original thought? This is a move out of Melania’s book; she’s been known to steal Michelle Obama’s speeches word for word.

Next thing we know, Melania will announce the new shuttles:

At this point, anything is possible from this administration, and people are really kind of fed up of the mockery that Trump has made of the White House. People reading Acosta’s tweet were loud and clear when it came to what they wanted the president to know. Check out the best responses below: