Tom Cotton Attempts ‘CBS Sunday’ Trump Defense But Fails Miserably


This Saturday morning, President Donald Trump’s team kicked off their attempted defense of their client in his Senate impeachment trial, and they quickly resorted to outlandish tirades against Democrats. They’ve also been fiercely advocating against hearing from any more witnesses for the trial, no matter the material relevance of their testimonies to the case against the president. This weekend, during an appearance on CBS’s Face The Nation, Trump defender Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) denounced the idea of hearing from any more witnesses, claiming that the push is just Democratic mishandling of the case — although it’s the president who has dragged the issue out by demanding that the witnesses stay away.

Cotton’s defense of the president even included him defending the president’s behavior in a tape in which he can be heard demanding that Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch be “taken out.” First, Cotton told host Margaret Brennan:

‘I’m not going to vote to approve witnesses, because the House Democrats have had lots of witnesses. We heard from them over and over and over again this week. We don’t need to prolong what’s already taken five months of the American people’s time. The House Democrats have not proven their case against Donald Trump. We don’t need to prolong this matter… the last five days have kind of been a microcosm of the last five months.’

So has the impeachment gone too fast or too slow? Depending on the day, Republicans have argued both sides in their long list of attempts to try and prop up the president. The question of whether or not to hear from additional witnesses is slated to be considered soon, after opening arguments conclude and Senators submit questions.

Brennan went on from the above to ask Cotton about Trump’s defense team already resorting to touting the conspiracy theory that Ukraine orchestrated some kind of meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections. The idea is that the supposed meddling would bolster Trump’s case for the investigation that he tried to bribe Ukraine into launching, which has driven the impeachment proceedings. Brennan pointed out that Republican leader Sen. John Thune (N.D.) said that even he’d prefer that the Trump defense team stayed away from that claim considering the intelligence community’s long-documented conclusion that it was Russia who led the meddling, but Cotton denounced criticism of the conspiracy theory as a “Democratic talking point.” However, in this pesky thing called reality, Ukraine led no systematic election meddling campaign in the same universe of scope as what Russia did.

But Cotton seems ready to go along with the president’s wildest conspiracy theories anyway. Although there remains absolutely no evidence that she actually launched any kind of conspiracy against the president, he defended Trump reacting to conspiracy theories about Ambassador Yovanovitch by ranting “take her out!”

Cotton claimed:

‘An ambassador badmouthing the president is a pretty sound reason to remove an ambassador.’

Hilariously, Cotton went on to claim that Trump was not “hasty” or “precipitous,” because the video in question was taken months before Yovanovitch was actually fired. Has Cotton ever actually followed the president’s decision-making process? Just check his Twitter feed. Hasty and brash is the only way that he operates.