Trump Blatantly Lies About Bolton In Monday AM Spiral


Former National Security Adviser John Bolton never varied from the straight beam of his hawkish conservatism. Yet, when he served under the erratic Donald Trump, that beam was sorely dinged. The trademark mustache may have the last word yet.

The word has been that Bolton’s tell-all book about life in this White House would reveal information that would have awakened the staid, frozen Senate into impeaching the man in the Oval Office. Of course, the book would come out too late. So Bolton asked the Republican-controlled Senate to give him a subpoena, and he would testify.

For some perplexing reason, the Republicans said no. With all the evidence before them, it has been obvious to the voting public that Trump should go. Yet, the 53 senators appeared on the edge closing down the impeachment hearing and exonerating our corrupter-in-chief.

Someone in a desperate last-ditch move, leaked part of Bolton’s transcript, which was going through the governmental approval process. The news was jarring. Trump’s attorneys’ case was built upon the idea that the president was looking for corruption. The former national security adviser’s transcript proved with first-hand knowledge that POTUS was only after his top opponent for the 2020 presidential campaign, former Vice President Joe Biden.

If the Senate still moves to clear the president, there will be hell to pay.

Trump tweeted that it was too late for Bolton and hinted the Democratically-led House did not do its job:

‘The Democrat controlled (sic) House never even asked John Bolton to testify. It is up to them, not up to the Senate!’

Twitter world lit up after Trump tweeted about Bolton. Such lies. Take a look at some of our favorite tweets below:

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