Pardoned War Criminal Puts SEAL Team In Grave Danger


Donald Trump has surrounded himself with a ring of shady characters ever encircling the edges of his swamp. Many of them are in prison or convicted and awaiting their sentences. Yet, the president has dug down deeper to find his latest swamp creature.

POTUS sought out a retired Navy SEAL convicted of not just every-day crimes, but of war crimes — more than one. The man shot kids and old women, and then he murdered a captive by stabbing him in the neck. After that, he took grisly trophy photos with the man’s corpse.

Now, Edward Gallagher, 40, has been spewing out rancid, vindictive revenge. He exposed the men who testified against him and their families at dire risk. They testified against him during his San Diego court-martial last June. The crimes were committed in 2017 while they were in Iraq.

David Shaw, a former petty officer 1st class did not testify at Gallagher’s trial, but he said that he doubted Gallagher should have exposed the SEALs, according to The Sandiego Union-Tribune:

‘Attempting to call attention to (those SEALs’) status in the way it’s been done does not serve the mission or the interests of the Navy. To attempt to out (their) status raises questions about the decision to do so.’

The war criminal put a three-minute video on his Facebook page and Instagram account. It showed the elite SEALs’ names, faces, and units of active-duty. Then, he labeled then “coward.” By doing this, Gallagher knew what he was doing. He was jeopardizing the Navy’s mission and the men’s very lives.

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Some of the men in his platoon who worked under his command testified about the war criminal’s actions. A jury found him guilty and stripped him of his SEAL rank. Gallagher pled not guilty.

Shaw supported their chief:

‘Each and every one of the guys who came forward were performers of the highest caliber and people of the highest reputations within the platoon. (One) was selected to serve at the most premier institution at Naval Special Warfare and that tells you everything you need to know about his performance and speaks volumes about his character.’

This particular crime was so egregious that Gallagher was jailed prior to his trial. For some reason, Fox News personalities railed in defense of this man, calling on the president to  “intervene” for Gallagher for months on end.

Trump has been treating the erratic Gallagher as his campaign mascot. He apparently represented a heroic archetype for Trump and attended his rallies.

Screen-Shot-2020-01-28-at-1.17.18-PM Pardoned War Criminal Puts SEAL Team In Grave Danger Crime Featured Military Top Stories War

Spokesperson for Naval Special Warfare Command in San Diego Navy Captain Tamara Lawrence released a statement. It read that the Navy did not identify active-duty SEALs as a matter of course, the Sandiego Tribune wrote:

‘As a matter of policy we do not identify our special operators. We don’t identify them by name, or by any other manner, due to the nature of their work, for the protection of their teammates and their families, and to protect on-going and future missions.’

Gallagher said at the beginning of the video:

‘For my entire adult life, I’ve had the honor and privilege of fighting for this country and your freedom. Even though I went to trial and exposed all the lies that were said about me by certain cowards in my platoon and found not guilty, there are those to this day who refuse to accept that fact. The fight to clear my name is not over.’

Commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, Rear Adm. Collin Green stripped the war criminal of his treasured SEAL trident and status in the elite SEAL community. Then, Trump moved to shield the SEAL. Trump rescinded the war criminal’s activities and ordered him released. Then, he reinstated his SEAL’s rank

Navy Secretary Rober Spencer quit in protest over the president’s nightmarish behavior.

Two former SEALs who served in Gallagher’s platoon in Iraq during his 2017 deployment and spoke to the Union-Tribune Monday about the video. Neither testified at Gallagher’s court-martial.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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