Trump Explodes On Fox News During Tuesday Tweet-Storm


As the president’s impeachment trial wobbles down a rickety path toward its conclusion, incident after incident piles onto Donald Trump’s wagon and bites him. POTUS has always been cunning enough to manipulate people until he gets his way. The cards in his tactical playbook include: bullying, deflecting, projecting, creating a chaos storm, throwing a tantrum, lying, bragging, and mesmerizing. Watch him in action.

Trump Twitter-attacked Fox News, because it let a Democrat share a few airwaves:

Really pathetic how


is trying to be so politically correct by loading the airwaves with Democrats like Chris Van Hollen, the no name (sic) Senator from Maryland. He has been on forever playing up the Impeachment Hoax. Dems wouldn’t even give Fox their low ratings debates….’

Then, POTUS’ language got stronger, “[W]hat the hell?” He leaned in and tried to zap Fox News into giving him what he wanted — adulation. He warned that Fox faced “the beginning of the end:”

…..So, what the hell has happened to @FoxNews. Only I know! Chris Wallace and others should be on Fake News CNN or MSDNC. How’s Shep Smith doing? Watch, this will be the beginning of the end for Fox, just like the other two which are dying in the ratings. Social Media is great!’

Then, the president pulled out his fake economy and commanded people to say “Yes!” about being better off:

‘Are you better off now than you were three years ago? Almost everyone say YES!’

After that, the man in the Oval Office hit the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell about the head and shoulders one more time. Admirably, the chair did not bend to Trump’s ignoble ways:

‘The Fed should get smart & lower the Rate to make our interest competitive with other Countries which pay much lower even though we are, by far, the high standard. We would then focus on paying off & refinancing debt! There is almost no inflation-this is the time (2 years late)!’

Twitter world caught fire. Americans responded, putting out the flames with humor. Enjoy:

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