Ivanka Humiliated After Thursday Brag Attempt Goes Horribly Wrong


Despite her complete lack of political experience, Ivanka Trump assumed a position in the White House as an adviser for her father President Donald Trump (who also had absolutely no experience), and now, together they’re doing… something. Ivanka has often been criticized for acting completely out of touch with everyday Americans, not to mention the normal job responsibilities of a presidential adviser. This Thursday, she took to Twitter to tout some poll numbers supposedly showing that Americans are happy with her dad’s administration, but she completely ignored the many other polls showing majorities that actively disapprove of her father, want witnesses in his ongoing Senate impeachment trial, and more.

She posted:

‘Double-digit improvements in how Americans view the nation’s economy, security from terrorism, military strength and the state of race relations since Trump entered office.’

And — there are also huge portions of Americans, even including 49 percent of Republicans, who want to see Trump held accountable for his brazen corruption via witness testimony at his ongoing Senate impeachment trial, where most Republicans have been working to fast track an acquittal for Trump. Overall, 75 percent of Americans want witnesses, according to a recent CNN poll.

Also importantly, things like the economy were already on the upswing before Trump ever came around.

This Thursday, Ivanka also shared a quote of hers posted by Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. Ivanka claimed that her father “has fought, and will continue to fight, the scourge of human trafficking in this country and abroad, ensuring that survivors can access the services they need” — but in reality, at least eight prominent anti-human trafficking organizations decided to boycott an Ivanka-led White House event about the issue set for this Friday. They’re skipping out because the photo ops don’t detract from the administration’s active and consistent harassment of vulnerable communities.

Check out Twitter’s response below…