Pelosi Owns Trump With Impeachment Evidence Twitter Trolling


Are the Republican senators protecting their voters or just Donald Trump? As his impeachment trial continue, the president and “Moscow Mitch” McConnell (R-KY) burrow even more deeply into the hole where implausible and impossible met. Still, there is the most powerful woman in America to consider.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted out an early-morning message. She reminded the senators “American people” want “a fair trial” with witnesses:

The American people have spoken clearly – and history is on their side. The Senate must have a fair trial, including the witnesses & documents that were blocked by the President. #WeWantWitnesses #DefendOurDemocracy’

Keep in mind that the GOP senator has been defending just their own seats in Congress. They fear Trump, but what a shallow trough from which they drink. Their choice for fairness would be witnesses and evidence or complicity in “the Trump Cover-up,” Speaker Pelosi wrote.

POTUS attorneys followed that hole down to the mad tea party where Lewis Carroll’s Alice Adventures in Wonderland traveled. There was no logic, no directness, no courage moving the Republicans forward.

It appeared that these 53 senators will choose to stay at that nutty table. If Trump is exonerated, what will happen next? He will be an even more unleashed, vindictive, and dangerous leader of the fallen great democracy experiment our forefathers set in motion. Then, POTUS will dance on its ashes.

Twitter world lit up like a Christmas tree. Voters had some very interesting responses below:

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