Trump Snaps & Yells At Adam Schiff During Thursday Conniption Fit


What does Donald Trump dream of these days? It has been fairly easy to know, because the way he has operated throughout his presidency shows there is little if anything between the president’s subconscious and his tweets. So what is in his tweets, those little nuggets he drops along his way to the witch’s house?

In this tweet, POTUS gave a preview of how this president’s vindictiveness. He said that the House Intelligence Committee Chair and impeachment lead Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) was “corrupt” and “mentally deranged.” Keep in mind that the president has been what he projected onto others. Then, he claimed that the representative “dreams of impeachment:”

“Schiff blasted for not focusing on California homeless.” @foxandfriends His District is in terrible shape. He is a corrupt pol who only dreams of the Impeachment Hoax. In my opinion he is mentally deranged!’

Republicans have finally reached a point where they admit POTUS committed the crime, but so what? Everybody does it.

The Senate will ask questions of the president’s defense team and the House managers (attorneys) on Thursday. The GOP intended to kill off any witnesses from appearing or documents from arriving, so the fate of the great American democracy will be decided by four Republican senators. They will show whether they have traded their good names for a ride on Trump’s cover-up train. Will they take the permanent ride or save the democracy from Trump’s tyrannical self.

Twitter world caught fire. Take a look at the water these people threw on Trump below:

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