SUV Rams Security Checkpoints At Mar-a-Lago…Shots Fired


The president’s Florida resort Mar-a-Lago was put on lockdown Friday after suspects in an SUV ran through two security checkpoints, leading to a police shooting at the driver and passenger. The situation is currently under control, but the story is definitely a bizarre one.

It all started when police notice a woman dancing on top of a car in the street near Trump’s resort. When confronted by law enforcement, the woman gave chase, blowing through security barriers leading to the president’s resort.

According to The Daily Mail:

Two women were arrested following the ordeal near Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, Florida on Friday just hours before the President was due to arrive.

Police say the incident unfolded after they responded to reports of a woman dancing on a car in the parking lot of a motel near Mar-a-Lago, WPBF reports.

When they arrived, the woman got into another car – a black SUV – and led police on a pursuit towards the main entrance of the Mar-a-Lago estate.

The Daily Mail continued:

The SUV was located about four miles away in a Studio 6 parking lot and the two occupants were arrested.

Trump was scheduled to leave Washington for his resort later on Friday afternoon where he was expected to spend the weekend. First lady Melania Trump is currently at the White House and was expected to travel with Trump.

Secret Service agents have warned guests at Mar-a-Lago that they will not be allowed to leave for at least a few hours as the investigation continues. Mar-a-Lago has been the scene of several intrusions since Trump became president.

The president is still expected to visit Mar-a-Lago later Friday.