Trump Has Loony Egotistical AM Outburst Over Witnesses


President Donald Trump never ceases to push his ego higher and higher. (Remember when he literally pointed to the sky and called himself the “chosen one”?) This Saturday, the day after Senate Republicans successfully voted down an attempt to call witnesses for his impeachment trial, he took a de facto victory lap on Twitter with posts extolling the supposed greatness of his rallies and Fox host Lou Dobbs, who’s known as much for spouting conspiracy theories as just about anything else. Trump literally called his rallies “the greatest show on earth” — and seriously, can you even get any more egomaniacal than that?

Besides, this situation is not a game show, no matter how much the president appears to try and wish that into existence with his turn-on-a-dime volatility.

After congratulating Dobbs on managing high ratings in the business tv field, in response to an article about the jubilant behavior of his supporters, Trump tweeted:

‘Trump poll numbers are the highest since election, despite constant phony Witch Hunts! Tens of thousands of people attending rallies (which the Fake News never mentions) to see “The Greatest Show On Earth”. Fun because USA is WINNING AGAIN!’

The “greatest show on earth” designation mirrors his reference to himself as “America’s Greatest President” in the post about Dobbs.

It’s unhealthy (and also ridiculous) at the very best for a president of the United States to spend his weekend mornings calling himself the greatest president to ever walk the earth. Is “winning again” what Trump calls the lock-ups of separated immigrant families at the border? Is it what he calls the huge amounts of cash sucked right out of the U.S. economy via his trade wars with China and others? Is “winning” what he calls the spat with Iran that he kicked off which has since entailed the death of 176 airline passengers caught in crossfire from Iran and “traumatic brain injuries” for 64 U.S. servicemembers and counting?

None of that sounds like winning. Yet, considering precedent, Trump seems unlikely to let up with his claims otherwise anytime soon.

This Saturday morning, he also tweeted about the death of a top leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Check out Twitter’s response…