Biden Gets Disgruntled With Reporter Over Ukraine (VIDEO)


There seems to be a herd of grump old men at the top of the 2020 presidential election. Of course, there is Donald Trump who in his attempt to look like Britain’s Winston Churchhill, manages to look more like a week–old orange. Secretary of State Mike Pompei cursed out an NPR reporter last week. On the Democrats’ side, there are also a couple of testy old guys. One affable presidential candidate turned around and showed his grumpier side.

Fromer Vice President Joe Biden had a serious case of grumpiness when he appeared with Today co-host Savannah Guthrie Monday morning. She asked about his surviving son Hunter Biden’s outrageously well-paying job on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas compay when the senior Biden was on the job.

Guthrie asked the former VP:

Has it occurred to you that there’s a certain irony here that, here the president is accused of, and has acknowledged, wanting to get information about your son Hunter and his dealings with Ukraine? And this process of impeachment has ensured that everyone knows about Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine.’


Screen-Shot-2020-02-03-at-2.11.14-PM Biden Gets Disgruntled With Reporter Over Ukraine (VIDEO) Corruption Election 2020 Featured Politics Top Stories

Biden might have been immune to this particular question, but he wa not. He started out well:

‘Thats a good thing! And no one has found anything wrong with his dealing with Ukraine, expect that they say that it set a “bad image.”’

Guthie continued, asking whether it “sets a bad image.” He responded positively. Then, Guthrie dug deeper and touched his last word. Biden shouted:

‘Well, that’s not true. You’re saying things that you do not know what you’re talking about! No one said that! Who said that?’


The Daily Wire wrote about Biden in December when an NPR journalist asked about Hunter’s position on the board of the gas company.

Screen-Shot-2020-02-03-at-2.12.57-PM Biden Gets Disgruntled With Reporter Over Ukraine (VIDEO) Corruption Election 2020 Featured Politics Top Stories NPR’s Rachell Martin asked him about his son:

‘You know it didn’t look good for Hunter Biden to be on that board, even if he did nothing wrong,” NPR’s “Morning Edition. The optics weren’t good. And you talk a lot about what it means to be a Biden and the integrity that is imbued in that family name. But there were former White House aides of yours who tried to warn you about the potential conflicts of interest.’

Martin disagreed:

‘George Kent, the State Department official, testified that he raised.’

Biden said:

‘I never, never heard that once at all. Well, my son was dying, so I guess that’s why he said it, because my son was on his deathbed. But that, that’s not the reason why – they should have told me.’

Biden added:

‘And the fact of the matter is, my son testified and did an interview saying if he, looking back on it, made a mistake, he made a mistake although he did nothing wrong. The appearance looked bad and it gave folks like Rudy Giuliani an excuse to come up with a Trumpian kind of defense, why they were violating the Constitution. His, his words speak for themselves.’

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