Trump Trolled Hard By Dem After Flubbing Super Bowl Tweet


Last night, shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, the president tweeted out a victory speech that ended up with him being mocked mercilessly, and for good reason. See, Trump kind of flubbed and said that the Chiefs represented the “great state of Kansas.”

There’s just one problem..

The Chiefs reside in Kansas City, Missouri. Check out the tweet before it was deleted.

Now, the president is being mocked over his apparent lack of basic American geography. This is where pretending get the president in trouble. Anyone who gives a crap about football, namely the NFL, know damn well where the Chiefs hail from.

Former Senator Claire McCaskill took to Twitter to express her deep concern with the president’s ignorance. This is what she had to say:

McCaskill wasn’t the only one to troll Trump. Check out some other tweets floating around out there:

Even the cops got in on it:

At least one Republican was dumb enough to make excuses for Trump’s idiocy, but he ended up sounded equally dumb when he said:

But the Kansas City Chiefs….ARE NOT.

People immediately went crazy in the comment thread of the McCaskill’s tweet, and we just so happened to save the best comments for you below: