Protesting Dems Scream Over Trump SOTU Lies (VIDEO)


The president knows he can say anything and his merry band of idiot voters will not even bother to look into whether or not that’s true, and even if they did, he’s somehow convinced them not to believe the news. Despite the stupidity of his followers, Democrats were not going to let Trump make things up during tonight’s State Of The Union address.

This is what got the Democrats, most of whom were wearing white in protest, so angry:

You can see the Democrats in the crowd immediately stand up when Trump starts telling his lies:

Screen-Shot-2020-02-04-at-7.21.09-PM Protesting Dems Scream Over Trump SOTU Lies (VIDEO) Corruption Crime Donald Trump Election 2020 Twitter Videos

These brave patriots will not be ignored, although the president surely tried doing so, but as the cameras panned to them and off of the president, The Donald likely grew very heated.

This is the response online: