Scared Trump Rage-Tweets About Iowa Caucus Results


After three years of criticizing Donald Trump, the Democrats had a terrible software failure last night during and after the caucuses. The quaint system of voting has out-grown its effectiveness and remained down-stream of technology. Will Trump take advantage of this disastrous event? Of course, he would — in his morning tweets and likely reaching across the day into his State of the Union Address.

POTUS walked onto the internet stage of the Trumpster party and delivered blow after blow to the Democratic Party. Instead of being emboldened to strike back, the Democratic 2020 candidates were forced to stand waiting for their candidacy results.

The president tweeted that the Democrat (sic) caucus was a “disaster. Nothing works:”

‘The Democrat Caucus is an unmitigated disaster. Nothing works, just like they ran the Country. Remember the 5 Billion Dollar Obamacare Website, that should have cost 2% of that. The only person that can claim a very big victory in Iowa last night is “Trump”.’

As Democrats blamed the Democratic National Committee (DNC), POTUS freed Iowa of any wrong-doing. That should have been the Democrats’ argument:

‘It is not the fault of Iowa, it is the Do Nothing (sic) Democrats fault. As long as I am President, Iowa will stay where it is. Important tradition!’

Then, Trump retweeted about his campaign manager and former Trump technology person, Brad Perscale:

‘Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale: “Democrats are stewing in a caucus mess of their own creation with the sloppiest train wreck in history. It would be natural for people to doubt the fairness of the process,” while “President Trump posted a record performance” in Iowa.’

Here’s your Iowa democracy in action – a coin toss to determine who gets the last delegate out of this #IowaCaucus precinct after Buttigieg and Klobuchar tied. Buttigieg won.’

Twitter world went crazy after the Iowa software debacle last night. Check these favorites below. They are hilarious:

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