TV Ratings For SOTU Released & Donald Is Embarrassed Again


Donald Trump ran his State of the Union address like a White House reality show, running from event to event like a bull in a dignity shop. There was the poignant return of the four-tour military father, who has been forced to risk life and limb over and over. Then, POTUS bestowed the Medal of Freedom around Rush Limbaugh’s neck even though he is no Mother Teresa. Maybe the evening’s fireworks were only in the president’s head.

The president of these United States has spent countless hours each and every day since his election watching TV. He also watches the ratings with an eye that belies his age. According to preliminary figures, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that his State of the Union numbers were down dramatically, dropping like a rock from the previous year — by double digits since 2019.

His worst numbers were on the broadcast networks, which reached a far more diverse audience than the cable channels. His speech and the following response from the Democrats were at 15.23 million viewers from the 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. ET slot on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. That came down a remarkable 25 percent when compared to last year.

CBS brought in the highest number with 4.24 million viewers, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

‘CBS topped the broadcast networks with 4.24 million viewers, followed by NBC with 4.05 million, Fox with 3.5 million and ABC with 3.45 million, all pending updates.’

These numbers will probably adjust upward as they solidify. When the cable news networks come in, they will influence the numbers upward, too.

In 2019, Trump drew 46.79 million viewers among the 12 networks. That was a little bump from 2018. English-language networks reflected slightly higher than 50 percent (23.93 million) of the total.

NBC’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back might have easily been the title of Trump’s 2020 State of the Union.

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