Parnas Has Even More Incriminating Evidence Implicating Trump


Despite the fact that Trump’s GOP allies in the Senate voted to acquit him on Wednesday, there is still more evidence out there of just how deep his corruption goes. It looks as though Lev Parnas has more information to share.

According to CNN:

‘Stored in devices seized from Lev Parnas by law enforcement, there’s a 34-second cell phone video of Rudy Giuliani relishing a bullfight. There are also photos of Donald Trump’s personal attorney posing with two matadors, a flamenco dancer twirling her skirt and an image of the father of Venezuela’s opposition leader beside a tray of hors d’oeuvres on the lawn of a Spanish castle.’ Parnas Has Even More Incriminating Evidence Implicating Trump Corruption Donald Trump Foreign Policy Impeachment Social Media Top Stories Twitter Videos

CNN obtained the videos and photographs of Giuliani’s trip to Spain, which show the efforts Parnas went through to save and document all of the information.

CNN reported:

‘They have aided a slow-drip campaign by Parnas’ legal team to keep the indicted Giuliani associate in the limelight as he builds a defense for his indictment, and could plague Giuliani—and ultimately the President—well after impeachment has passed.’

Parnas and his attorney Joseph Bondy walked up to the Senate during Trump’s impeachment trial last week, but were turned away because of Parnas’ ankle bracelet, and knew this would happen in advance. The electronic device violates the Senate chamber rules.

According to CNN:

‘The stunt came days after Parnas’ lawyer released an 83-minute recording from an April 2018 Trump International Hotel fundraiser where President Donald Trump discusses firing former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, with Parnas and his estranged business partner Igor Fruman.’

Federal prosecutors indicted Parnas and Fruman last year on campaign finance violations, but they have not plead guilty. CNN reported:

‘Parnas’ role as Giuliani’s alleged proxy in Ukraine and the information he possesses became an intriguing part of the impeachment hearings. Fruman and his legal team are not cooperating with the impeachment inquiry and declined to comment for this story.’

Parnas still possesses a large stash of photographs and recordings which are still are yet to be seen. They exist in addition to other information that Congresses holds in possession including notes, text messages, and other evidence.

When Parnas was indicted in October, the material was seized by federal investigators from Parnas’ phones and computers and then shared with Congress by Parnas’ legal team.

Bondy said:

‘Over the past several months, it has been revealed that Lev Parnas is a prolific collector of photos and videos. Contrary to what one might expect, Mr. Parnas has not destroyed any. Rather, he has preserved them. The universe of subject matter is yet to be publicly revealed but is of interest in matters well beyond the impeachment inquiry.’

The images and photos contained are a window into important relationships Giuliani has not been willing to discuss, specifically for legally embattled foreign clients whose interests intersect with Mr. Trump himself.

Newly released images and video show a trip that Parnas took last summer to Madrid with Giuliani where they met Betancourt, a Venezuelan energy executive, who was looking to stave off potential criminal charges linked to a billion-dollar money laundering case in Florida last year.

Parnas said:

‘The purpose of the videos was 100 percent to show Trump how helpful Betancourt was to the Guaidos.’

Parnas has been adamant that the videos were intended for Trump. He said:

‘I would swear under oath that the purpose of the Guaido recording and the Betancourt recording was to be shown to President Trump – although Betancourt’s video was designed to be shown principally to the Justice Department and Barr.’

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube