Republican Group Praises Romney In Public Gesture


GOP Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) has received much criticism for being the only Republican to vote to charge Trump on the articles of impeachment. Many people are thanking him though for standing up with courage and integrity.

One Republican advocacy group, Rule of Law, released an ad on Friday morning thanking Romney for following his conscience and voting to convict Mr. Trump. The ad will air on Fox News five times every weekday next week.

The group spokesman, Chris Truax said in a statement:

‘This week, Sen. Mitt Romney stepped up to the challenge and into the history books. No one can watch his Senate speech without appreciating his integrity, his decency, and his sense of duty. He faced enormous pressure from his party, his constituents and even members of his own family.

‘Mitt Romney is nobody’s puppet. Whether we agree with all of his conclusions or not, we should all salute Senator Romney for his sincere commitment to the rule of law.’

In addition to airing the ad, a pair of billboards will be unveiled in Salt Lake City that read:

‘This is what a patriot looks like.’

According to The Hill:

‘Romney was the only GOP senator who voted to convict Trump on either of the articles of impeachment that were brought forward in his trial. In remarks he gave on the Senate floor, Romney said that Trump was “guilty of an appalling abuse of public trust.”

‘Trump has since expressed great displeasure with Romney, accusing him of being a Democratic spy on Twitter and saying in his East Room “celebration” on Thursday that Romney had “no sign of principles.”‘

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube