Trump Loses His Mind With Reporters Over Pelosi


Trump still can’t get over the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tore up a copy of his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Although he could easily receive the title of most corrupt president ever, he continues to try to make the Democrats look like the corrupt ones.

In an interview with reporters, the impeached president exploded over Pelosi’s “very illegal” ripping up of his speech. He called it:

‘very disrespectful to the chambers and to the country.’

Trump’s assumption that Pelosi’s ripping up of his speech is illegal, is based on a theory which has been largely discredited that says an official can be prosecuted for shredding a government document. In actuality, the law says that it is only a crime if there is proof that it was done with corrupt intent. Also, Pelosi ripped up a copy of the document and did not destroy the actual document.

According to WTSP 10:

‘Think of other original, official federal records like original copies of the Bill of Rights or even the Constitution. It’s illegal to damage or destroy those archived originals, but copies of the documents can be ripped, shredded, destroyed, burned, turned into birdcage lining, etc. — all without consequence.’

Trump ranted to reporters about Democrats, saying:

‘I think there’s a lot of evil on that side. They’ve gone crazy, they’ve gone totally crazy.’

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter