Trump Unloads During Friday Morning Twitter Tantrum


Since the Senate voted to acquit him on Wednesday, Mr. Trump hasn’t stopped inflating his own ego, and is still ranting about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tearing up his State of the Union address in the front of the world.

Trump was on Twitter early Friday morning, this time fixated on the Iowa caucus and actor James Woods’ return to Twitter. It wasn’t surprising that the president once again tried to blame Democrats’ incompetency on the issues in Iowa.

He responded to the Associated Press‘ inability to declare a winner in Iowa:

He is obviously trying to detract from the truth here. People should not forget that he had the help of a foreign country to win an election before and there isn’t any reason why this man wouldn’t do it again.

Then, Trump posted his excitement for the fact that conservative actor James Woods is back on Twitter trolling, and began with Rep. Alexandria Cortez (D-NY).

Here’s what the Twitter world had to say to Trump:

In relation to the Iowa caucus, NBC News reported:

‘The phone number to report Iowa caucus results was posted on a fringe internet message board Monday night along with encouragement to “clog the lines,” an indication that jammed phone lines that left some caucus managers on hold for hours may have in part been due to prank calls.

‘An Iowa Democratic Party official said the influx of calls to the reporting hotline included “supporters of President Trump who called to express their displeasure with the Democratic Party.”‘

Trump will stoop as low as he has to in attempts to win the 2020 election. As the primary races continue, Democrats should continue to aware.