Biden Destroys Trump During ‘ABC Sunday’ Appearance


Last week, the Republican majority in the Senate secured an acquittal for President Donald Trump in response to the impeachment charges brought against him, which included abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Those charges stemmed from Trump’s plot to bribe Ukraine with military aid and a summit in D.C. into investigating his political opponents, particularly the Bidens. Despite the conclusion of Trump’s Senate trial, the issue won’t be going away anytime soon, and this weekend on ABC’s This Week, former vice president turned Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden himself insisted that he’d work undeterred to hold Trump accountable for his brazen belligerence.

Host George Stephanopoulos asked Biden about his personal feelings about his family and, in particular, his son Hunter getting turned into a political football for the 2020 presidential election season, and the former vice president explained in response:

‘I can’t let my anger overcome the desire and the need to have to unite and heal this country. And so, I’ve got to move beyond me and beyond my family. Because it’s about your family, and everybody else’s family — not mine. And the investigation into the company that my son had been on the board with had already been over… It’s just pure sham. But that’s the way Trump works. But it’s not going to work on me. I’ll be damned — I’ve been hit a lot. But it’s not going to work on me.’


With absolutely no evidence to back them up, Trump and his cronies have spent months now publicly alleging that there’s something nefarious surrounding Hunter Biden’s service to a particular Ukrainian company. Not a single specific (and evidence-based) allegation of criminal misconduct has emerged — the president and his team are, essentially, just pointing and shouting.

Biden also commented more generally on Trump’s acquittal despite the overwhelming and uncontestable evidence of that scheme to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

He shared:

‘The worst thing that happened was them acquitting Trump when they acknowledged that he interfered. He tried to get a foreign power to say something negative about me or my son… I’m worried this guy’s got just a free pass now, on anybody.’


Some Republican Senators, like Maine’s Susan Collins and Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander, suggested that Trump had “learned his lesson” (or something) thanks to the impeachment proceedings. There’s no evidence of this — just last week, Trump fired two of the key witnesses in the impeachment proceedings, including the National Security Council’s Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was reassigned to the Army.

Going on from here, Biden currently has a thin average lead in national polls of Democratic presidential primary voters, but after a dismal showing in Iowa and a potential third or fourth place finish getting teed up for him in New Hampshire, FiveThirtyEight currently forecasts that there’s a slightly better chance of no one getting a majority of nomination-sealing Democratic convention delegates than there is of Biden nabbing that. Bernie Sanders currently leads in that forecast, with an estimated 46 percent, or 1 in 2, chance of getting an outright majority of the delegates.