Bloomberg Humiliates Trump Over Net Worth During Sunday Twitter Trolling


Former New York City Mayor Michael (Mike) Bloomberg has brought his billions and billions of dollars to bear against Donald Trump. The former mayor only entered the presidential race, because he did think there was a candidate out there who has yet met his own goals. The beauty of having $60 billion is that Bloomberg can drop a couple of billion and not even notice.

In an early-morning tweet, Bloomberg pointed out that the Donald had “inherited this economy just like he inherited his wealth:”

‘Trump inherited this economy just like he inherited his wealth. Yet he takes credit for both. We see right through you, Mr. President’

Bloomberg has been putting the wealth he earned to interesting use. One of his ads has Trump talking. Yet, the voice that came out of his mouth was not his and repeated “Lie.” “Liie.” “Lie, lie.” It was a brilliant piece of advertising, and the former mayor could afford to buy the best.

The idea that the president of these United States has lied over 16,000 times certainly came through without naming the number. Indeed, Trump was the butt of Bloomberg’s ad, and the great hypocrisy of his presidency was clearly evident. Here are a couple of his other ads below:


This was one that Bloomberg placed in the 100th Super Bowl for $10 million. When Trump found out, he placed a $10 million ad, too. Check out the former mayor’s advertisement below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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