Giuliani Suffers Major Mental Malfunction During ‘Fox Sunday’ Meltdown


The acquittal that Senate Republicans secured for President Donald Trump last week has evidently left his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani feeling emboldened to continue on with his corruption. After a months-long impeachment process sparked in large part by the effort to bribe Ukraine into legitimizing conspiracy theories about the Bidens that he himself helped push along, Giuliani appeared on Fox News this weekend to belligerently and melodramatically spout some of those very same conspiracies.

He alleges that he has secured documentation that reveals criminal activity involving the Bidens, but the actual reality remains… murky at the very best. He focuses on — yet again — items like tangential connections and the personal testimonies of wildly discredited figures like former Ukrainian top prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

This time, he focused on evidence incriminating… not the Bidens, but someone who happened to work with Hunter Biden (former VP Joe’s son) at one point, Devon Archer.

He railed:

‘[I have] documents from the trial of Devon Archer — you know, his partner was convicted of securities fraud! In that trial, they had to produce records that show the money coming in at exactly that time, so it ties the money laundering all together. If there were a document about you or me like this, I think we’d be in jail by now.’

As one Twitter user noted, Giuliani himself recently “had a number of incriminating documents released by HPSCI and is currently under federal investigation.” That investigation covers his overseas-based “consulting work,” which may have violated laws against secret foreign dealing in the U.S. In his ongoing efforts to find someone, anyone else to point the finger at, he’s arrived at this level of ridiculous irony.

During his weekend rant, his other piece of supposedly compelling evidence was documentation showing a connection of a journalist to someone who had apparent information about corruption involving then-Trump campaign official Paul Manafort. That’s how journalism works. That’s not some conspiracy.

Ironically, just the other day, an internal memo from Fox News came out in which the author writes that Giuliani has a “high susceptibility to misinformation.” (The same document also features criticism of the disgraced writer John Solomon and lawyers Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, who’ve together also appeared on Fox News numerous times.) Apparently though, Fox News does not care to attempt to stem the spread of this disinformation as long as it keeps the president’s base tuned in!

During his Sunday morning Fox appearance, Giuliani also railed against John Bolton, who went from Trump’s national security adviser to key figure in the case against the president over his actually documented Ukraine scheme. He called Bolton “either a liar or a backstabber.”

At least a couple of the Senate Republicans who voted last week to acquit Trump despite the evidence against him suggested that he’d learned his lesson from the impeachment proceedings, but this Giuliani rant is convenient evidence against that. He and his team are continuing to rocket full speed ahead with their wild conspiracy theories and attempts at securing foreign election help.