Schiff Shames Trump Over Col Vindman With Weekend Twitter Take-Down


There are so few heroes in the impeachment of Donald Trump that they rise to the level of extraordinary. The first one was House Intelligence chair and lead for the president’s impeachment hearing Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA). His and the others’ heroism provide Americans a shining light to follow out of the evil-smelling darkness that has settled over Washington.

Schiff brought people’s attention to one of the people who honored his subpoena and testified against the president. Trump forbade anyone in his administration from coming to the Hill and most followed his directive, which included not providing any evidentiary documents. The representative tweeted that Vindman displayed a “rare form of bravery — moral courage:”

‘Lt. Col. Vindman did his job. As a soldier in Iraq, he received a Purple Heart. Then he displayed another rare form of bravery — moral courage. He complied with a subpoena and told the truth. He upheld his oath when others would not. Right matters to him. And to us.’

Within 48 hours of being free of his impeachment trial, Trump was back at his vindictive behavior “extracting his retribution.” What a difference between President Bill Clinton who apologized to the country for his impeachment and Trump. Number 45 in the lineup of presidents did this instead:

‘President Trump is exacting his retribution, removing those who complied with subpoenas, came forward, and testified about his misconduct. These are the actions of a man who believes he is above the law — Precisely the kind of conduct Congressional Republicans enabled.’

Then, Schiff noted that POTUS was ripping off Americans by going to his resorts 33 percent of his time in office. The representative charged up to $650 a night for the “dozens of public servants,” in the small army that must travel with him:

‘Every time President Trump visits one of his properties, dozens of public servants travel with him. Turns out he’s charging taxpayers up to $650 a night for each of their rooms. The President’s vacations are lining his own pockets – at the taxpayers’ expense.’

Twitter world went crazy over Intelligence Chair Schiff’s comments. Take a look at their responses below:

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