Mass Shooting At Arkansas Walmart Hits Multiple Victims


One of the 2020 presidential primary issues has been gun control. People recognize the seriousness of this issue. However, problem after problem has risen to the top until voters must appear as multi-tasking mothers. Today, there was another tragedy.

Voters have not let the issue of gun control fall beneath the other important questions, fortunately. Arkansas state police announced that two members of the Forrest City Police Department were shot during an Arkansas Walmart shooting. The state police officials tweeted:

‘The prayers of the ASP are with the 2 Forrest City officers that were injured this morning in a shooting at Walmart. The ASP Criminal Investigation Division has been requested to conduct an investigation of the incident. Please stay away from the area if at all possible.’

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Forrest City Police confirmed the shooter was killed during an active shooter incident at the store. Police department dispatchers confirmed at 11:40 a.m. CT the shootout was over. Forrest City is located in Eastern central Arkansas about one hour due West of Memphis, TN and has a population of approximately 14,000.

Spokesperson for Forrest City Medical Center Janet Benson said that one person had been treated in the medical center’s emergency department as a result of the shooting.

Regional One Hospital spokesperson Angie Golding confirmed that one individual had arrived at the medical center who had been involved in the shooting. However, the extent of the two police officers’ injuries was unknown at this time.

St. Francis County Coroner Miles Kimble indicated he was still assessing the scene. Yet, he could not confirm any fatalities as a result of the shooting.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives tweeted that special agents responded to the shooting:

‘BREAKING: ATF Special Agents are responding to a reported shooting incident at a Wal-Mart store in Forrest City, Ark.’

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Walmart Spokesperson Scott Pope responded that the corporation was aware of this shooting and helping the police investigation in any way that they could. When the stores are located in high-crime areas, Walmart posts off-duty police officers to patrol their parking lots. In addition, it makes use of technology that includee surveillance camera towers outside.

A Dollar Tree employee close to this Walmart, Kimani McKnight said that she was not aware of the shooting, but the store had been placed on lockdown.

A nearby auto parts store employee Kim Berry said: “I’m scared.” She also said she noticed the police presence across the street. The Walmart employees seemed to have been evacuated to a safer position in the parking lot.

The Forrest City School District had been notified of the incident which was near Central Elementary’s campus. It posted a notice on its Facebook post:

‘All students and staff are safe and administrators took all appropriate actions. We are praying for the officers injured in the incident and would like to thank the Forrest City Police Department for their rapid response to this emergency situation.’

This shooting happened just months after 22 people were killed in an El Paso, TX Walmart shooting. In that location, the suspect was accused of going after those of Hispanic heritage. He faces federal charges, and that included hate crimes.

Last July, a disgruntled former employee of a Mississippi Walmart. Two men died in that incident, so he was charged with two counts of murder.

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