New York AG Files Major Legal Action Against Trump


‘No one should ever use our national security as a political weapon, let alone the commander in chief. The president’s crusade against New York is not only an inconvenience to New Yorkers, but also poses a direct threat to one of the nation’s largest economies. We will not allow the president of the United States to single out New Yorkers, to discriminate against New Yorkers, to target New Yorkers and to coerce us.’

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Trump’s immigration law violates the intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. This legislation required the registered traveler program.

The lawsuit read:

‘Singling out one state for coercion and retribution as a means to compel conformity with preferred federal policies is unconstitutional. Defendants’ ban on New Yorkers’ participation in the Trusted Traveler programs not only violates the law, but also injures New York by undermining public safety and causing extensive economic harm.’

New York and 13 other states plus Washington, D.C. will give drivers licenses no matter what the individual’s immigration status. That provided proof positive that New York had been singled out for political retribution.

Homeland Security claimed that the reason was that not sharing the information required for the DMV prevents them from “verifying travelers’ eligibility.” The traveler program required people to hold a valid passport. New York officials state that driving documents did not have much to do with passing travelers.

James said:

‘It has nothing to do with safety. It’s nothing more than political retribution.’

Screen-Shot-2020-02-10-at-4.41.27-PM New York AG Files Major Legal Action Against Trump Corruption Featured Politics Racism Top Stories

The new ban will affect about 50,000 New Yorkers conditionally approved for Global Entry. They only need an interview and to tie up loose ends. An additional 30,000 already applied but were in the vetting process.

Then, there was an additional 175,000 people whose Global Entry memberships are set to expire in 2020. The new law would not let them renew.

There are 30,000 drivers in the FAST program, an automated system that makes it easier and faster to cross the border between New York and Canada. Then, there were those in the NEXUS program.

In addition to the James lawsuit, the New York Civil Liberties Union also filed a lawsuit challenging the ban.

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