Bloomberg Trolls Trump Over Racism & Goes Viral In Seconds


Tuesday morning, Mr. Trump tweeted out a message calling presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg of being racist after a 2015 video emerged of Bloomberg defending his ‘Stop & Frisk’ law that disproportionately targeted minorities. Bloomberg no longer defends the program, but his remarks are undoubtably troubling, even for liberals.

Trump deleted the tweet moments after posting it, but it made headlines, and has now garnered a response from Bloomberg. Check out what Bloomberg had to say about it via NYT’s Maggie Haberman:

The videos of Bloomberg are circulating quickly, accompanied by the trending hashtag #BloombergIsARacist. You can see the videos below:

People responding to Haberman’s tweet had mixed reactions. While Bloomberg’s comments were quite obviously racist and misinformed, they are remarks that Mr. Trump not only agrees with, but wants even harsher laws that would be certain death for a number of young black men.

You can see Twitter’s response below: