Giuliani Making Documentary About Hunter Biden


President Donald Trump and his associates seem to feel emboldened by the recent acquittal delivered by the Republican Senate majority at the recent conclusion of his impeachment trial. Now, a report has emerged indicating that personal Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani is working to develop a whole documentary about still completely unfounded corruption allegations involving Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, whose work in Ukraine the president tried to bribe that country into investigating. What’s next — an anti-Hunter Biden bus tour across the U.S. with his face plastered across the side of the vehicle?

Reportedly, the documentary project is so outlandish that — besides the obvious gross overstepping of power inherent in the president of the United States’s lawyer heading down this path — production that’s gotten underway so far has included acted portrayals of Hunter Biden and Ukrainian officials. (No word on who got the parts. Perhaps it’s Donald Trump Jr.’s big break.)

Citing individuals identified only as “three Republican sources familiar with the project,” Yahoo News reports:

‘Giuliani and his production team, led by veteran California Republican fixer Tim Yale, have been conducting interviews for the documentary… They have also approached potential investors in the film, showing them trailers with footage of former Vice President Joe Biden and actors portraying Hunter Biden and Ukrainian officials.’

There’s no apparent word about who those potential investors for the project might actually be. Maybe Giuliani could get some Russians to get on board! It’s his own two former pals Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman who are currently facing a federal criminal case over their campaign finance law violation scheme that included transfers of large amounts of Russian cash to U.S. political figures.

No matter the heavy cloud of corruption hanging over his efforts, Giuliani has only amplified his campaign to discredit the Bidens following Trump’s acquittal by the Senate. (Good job, Senate Republicans!)

Over the weekend, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and ardent Trump ally Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) seemed to indicate that some kind of special process had been set up for Giuliani to submit information to the Justice Department for review. Graham said that authorities had “created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it’s verified,” although both he and Attorney General Bill Barr — who’s also a documented Trump defender — tried to cast doubt on the truthfulness of Giuliani’s intel.

Barr commented:

‘We can’t take anything we receive from the Ukraine at face value.’

Yet, he is seemingly coordinating an effort to funnel info from them into the Justice Department anyway.

Last weekend, during an appearance on Fox News, Giuliani trotted out some supposed concrete intel about supposed Biden corruption. That material included documentation of financial mismanagement involving someone who worked with Hunter at one point and a testimonial about a meeting getting set up between a Ukrainian official and a journalist to seemingly discuss eventual Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. That’s it — that’s Giuliani’s big smoking gun evidence of corruption in Ukraine. That’s the smokescreen that they hope distracts voters from the president’s corruption.