GOP Senator Defects From Trump & Vows To Vote With Democrats


There was certainly no bipartisan effort to convict Mr. Trump on the articles of impeachment presented before the Senate. However, some Republicans are making an effort with Democrats to rein in the president’s Iran war powers.

On Tuesday, Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) said that he will support a resolution spearheaded by Democrat Tim Kaine (VA). It is expected to get a vote later this week. GOP Senator Defects From Trump & Vows To  Vote With Democrats Corruption Donald Trump Foreign Policy Impeachment Military National Security Social Media Top Stories Twitter Videos War
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In a statement, Moran said:

‘The Constitution, in Article I, provides Congress the power to declare war – a responsibility I take seriously. The prospect of military action against Iran has consequences that ought to be considered by the full Congress, on behalf of the people it represents.

‘In supporting the War Powers Resolution, I respect the President’s obligation to defend against imminent threats while making sure any additional action is properly debated and approved by Congress as required by the Constitution’

He is the fifth Republican senator to say he will vote for the resolution. According to Newsmax:
‘A vote on the resolution, which is tied to the War Powers Act, is expected Thursday. It requires only a simple majority to pass. Four other Republicans have already pledged to support it: Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine; Mike Lee, R-Utah; Rand Paul, R-Ky; and Todd Young, R-Ind.’
Last month, the House voted in favor of the resolution.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged the GOP to vote against the resolution. He said:

‘I will strongly oppose our colleague’s effort and urge the Senate to defeat it.’

McConnell called the resolution “blunt and clumsy” and said it would “severely limit the U.S. military’s operational flexibility to defend itself against threats posed by Iran.”

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