New Hampshire Votes Counted & The Results Are In


The New Hampshire primary has been wrapped up Tuesday night, and although the president has tried to steer the narrative in any other direction today, this is a very important race that will set the momentum for the Democratic Party in 2020.

The results are finally in, and Bernie Sanders has won the race.

Check out the LIVE feed below:

Earlier Tuesday, Trump made headlines when he interfered in the sentencing of Roger Stone, who received a recommendation of 7-9 years from prosecutors. After Trump complained on Twitter, the DOJ sent a memo to the judge in the case asking for “far less” time.

Chuck Schumer then tweeted a demand for an investigation of the president’s blatant abuse of power.
Schumer tweeted:

The DOJ Inspector General must open an investigation immediately. I will be sending a formal request to the IG shortly.

People on Twitter were in agreement that the president had quite some nerve using his office to obstruct justice only days after being acquitted for that exact crime.

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