Trump Quickly Deletes Tweet Attacking Bloomberg


Trump has been running into the wall that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg represents. The multi-billionaire has already dropped half a billion dollars, which did not even make a dent in his $60 billion, on his brilliant television and internet advertising. The ads have hit the president right in the gut.

Tuesday, the president posted the audio clip on his Twitter account. He probably does not understand the term “irony.” Too bad:


Trump’s language after his acquittal in the impeachment trial let loose and revealed the ugly and vulgar world he lives in. “JFC” was one of his most offensive terms:

‘Jfc, and I thought the other clip was bad.’

In an attempt to pull Bloomberg down, POTUS posted an audio recording of the former mayor. The clip was of the candidate defending his indefensible NYC profiling of racial minorities:

“[S]top-and-frisk [involved going into minority communities, because that is] where the crime is.’

Twitter world caught fire with the flames of Donald Trump licking beneath the door. Check out what Americans said about this below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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